This article will help you add users to your control center.

Before you add your first users to your control center, you should first:

  • consider starting with only a small test group to help you learn the system,
  • decide which categories of users should have access to your system (and how much), and
  • consider adding major groups before adding users.

Starting With a Test Group
By starting with a small test group you allow yourself to learn how to best use the control center for your organization. It is typically easier to run tests and receive feedback from a smaller group and you avoid panicking and/or annoying your entire organization with test alerts and messages.

Planning Categories of Users
Once you're ready to upload your "entire" organization, first make sure that you really want the entire organization in your control center. You may determine that certain categories of your organization's members should not be in your system. This is completely your decision and should be determined now if possible.

Adding Groups First
If you add major groups before adding users, you may select group(s) for each user as you add them.

There are two methods to add users: manually (individually) and in bulk:


1. To add users into your system, navigate to the "user" menu in your control center.

2. In the user menu, select "add user."

3. In the menu that opens on your screen, add your user's details.

Name: This is typically the person's first name. 

However, in some instances, you may want to add devices (phones or tablets) that correspond to a location rather than a person (e.g. "Classroom 203" or "Front Desk"). In this case, please add the first word of the two-word name for the location (two words must be used).

Last Name: This is typically the person's last name.

However, if you are using a location name, enter the second word/numbers of the location here.

Login via: The default setting, and most popular option, is "Phone." This is the setting that should be selected for people or locations that have an actual phone number for their device.

If, however, you are adding a device that does not have a phone number associated with it (often tablets), then you should select "Access Code."  If this is selected, an access code will be provided after saving that can be used to join the non phone device to your control center.

Phone: Enter the phone number for the device here.  You MUST include the country code ("1" for U.S.) and please double check the number for accuracy. This is the number that will be sent an invitation to join your organization.

If "Access Code" was selected, this option will disappear.

Groups: If you already have some groups added, you may select the groups that you'd like for the user as they are added. Do not worry, this can always be edited later and users can be added to groups from the groups menu as well.

4. Click "Save."

If you added a device by "access code," you will now be shown the access code that must be used to add the device to your organization.


1. To add users into your system, navigate to the "user" menu in your control center.

2. Prepare your file of user information for upload.

The Mayday Safety system uses a CSV file for uploading users in bulk. "CSV" stands for Comma Separated Values.... it is NOT a spreadsheet.

Regardless of the software you are using (Excel spreadsheet or people management software), you must export the information as a CSV file that matches the format of our sample file.

The format must be EXACT. Unecessary spaces, commas, etc. will cause problems.

To download a sample of the CSV format for our system, click on "example"

3. Once your CSV file is ready, select "upload csv" and upload your CSV file.

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