Q: Can an alert be heard when a phone is set to silent?
A: No (and there's a great reason why)

One of the most common questions we are asked is whether a Mayday Safety alert can over-ride the sound settings on a phone.

Users want to be able to have their smartphone in "do not disturb" mode or have the sound settings switched to silent/vibrate and still hear a Mayday Alert.

We get it. We really do.

This sounds like a great feature, and it's one that we could allow, but we think that it's a bad idea. Here's why...

At Mayday Safety, one of our primary objectives is to allow you to take control of your own safety.

It is reasonable to imagine a scenario in an emergency where you may want to silence your phone. For example, if you are hiding from an active shooter, you should silence your phone so that your hiding position is not compromised.

You don't want to turn off your phone completely, because you'd still like to communicate. But, you don't want incoming sounds to "give you away."

If we allowed an audible alert from the Mayday Safety App even though you have set your phone to silent, then we have overridden your choice and ability to hide. This effectively removes your control over your situation - something we never want to do. 

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